Saturday, April 26, 2008

Challenge - Interesting Building

Voting takes place on the side bar to the right, winner gets a Coffee Mug courtesy of Rob & Tina. Rob and Tina have submitted a photo, but wish to have no votes for their photo this time.
Good Luck everyone!




Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Wow. These are awesome. Darcy, super cool picture!

Way Way Up said...

Thanks! Just the old Anglican Church from Nanisivik really. But I never thought I'd see a church sitting out in the middle of the bay. Divine intervention?

Clare said...

I wavered, I couldn't decide which of three buildings to send in, the Qarmat, the oldest surviving building of Arctic Bay (1941 Weather station that was later the RCMP patrol cabin here when the detachment was in Nanisivik), or the shed at Housing which is actually an old "matchbox" house - the first housing they built for Inuit here. So I dithered and didn't send in anything. Now I have to decide who to vote for. Hey! No one chose the House!

jen said...

Holy neck n' neck Kennie and Darcy!

Kennie said...

lol - must be something about Arctic Bay taking over the North ;-).

I really like Jennifer's submission ... what exactly is it? Weather station? UFO?

jen said...

When Jennifer submitted is she said "It used to be a federal research building but now it houses the offices for GN's Department of Environment staff."

Way Way Up said...

Looks like Indigo has taken the lead here big time. I wasn't looking forward to arm wrestling Kendra for first place.

I find it strangely unsettling that a building that bears a striking resemblance to a flying saucer is now being used as a workplace for GN workers......I'm going to have nightmares for some time to come now.

Indigo said...

Interesting comment about Iglulik's old NRI space. I would find it very relaxing to work in a space ship and I consider it most appropriate for some GN employees! No pun intended.

The repurposed water tank in Grise Fiord has been morphed into a hamlet garage by a very imaginative and handy mechanic. Now that is high Arctic recycling at it's finest.

jen said...

Whoa, there was an explosion of votes! Someone needs to take that voting power on over to Best NWT blogs and help out Tina! :)

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Indigo I'm such a loser. I just now realized that your picture is a building with doors. I thought that was graffitti and rust on it! That is a super cool picture!

Chris said...

Loving this...just heard about it on the CBC North podcast from back in May.