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Nunavut Nonsense

will return to it's regular scheduled posting shortly...stay tuned for our next challenge...

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Monday, February 18, 2008

5 Things you Love about the North

Here is our next challenge to vote on, 5 things that you love about living in the north. Don't forget to vote on our side bar!

Submitted by INDIGO (as this is Indigo's contest, she has requested no votes for herself)
01)Coming home
- all those faces and smiles at the airports, all those handshakes welcoming you back to the community - priceless

02)Loonie sales - surely the epitome of fund raising, social activity and recycling all rolled into one

03)Christmas games - tens days and nights of feasts, races, best dressed dogs/houses/people, look alike contests and all manner of safe and healthy foolishness that make folks smile in the dead dark of winter

04)Creativity - the artwork in the northern world is world class/first class, from the amazing print collections to the soapstone carvers and the ivory miniatures and the wall hangings and the kamiks and the amoutiq and the new generation of fashionable fur/sealskin attire - they all take my breathe away.

05)Ulus - the heart of the home, the tool of the women, the utensil that has come down through time and is still the best design there is.

Submitted by Jennifer Of Nunablog
1. Mail. You can be excited about snail mail, even if a snail could
have gotten it here faster.

2. The sky. There is so much of it and it is almost always filled with
the most amazing splash of colours, stars or lights.

3. You begin to appreciate simple things - things, if you live in the
south you may take for granted because they are easy to get; like a
basket of fresh sweet, unblemished strawberries, a chocolate bar that
has never been frozen, a brand new book.

4. Inuktitut. It is such a beautiful language.

5. Laid back atmosphere. Most of the time, things are pretty chill.
You can be in grubby clothes, have dirty hair and snot running down
your nose and no one cares. People can be late for dinner, forget
their wallet, take a day off, or drop their mitts in a slush puddle,
and it's no problem. You might even drive your ski-doo through the ice
and it's no big deal. No worries!

Submitted by Nancy
1) When the cops show up at your workplace, all they want is coffee.

2) People hand you a fish at the darndest times!

3) The phrase "Your ship came in" is not just a tired, boring cliché.

4) If you drive a sewage truck, you are perfectly positioned to win
friends and influence people.

5) The middle management of whoever employs you is usually hundreds of
kilometers away, which, come to think of it, is probably on their list

Submitted by Aida of Footprints
1. My daughter thinks I am funny when my hair sticks up due to static.

2. Coming from the tropics, I am still getting used to the fact of having to spend 45 minutes dressing myself and my 2 kiddies before we go out in winter.

3. I maybe the only Malaysian that is living up here, very cool indeed.

4. I am a recovering mall-addict..."nuff said"

5. My daughter is a celebrity here, not only everyone asked how she is wherever I go, but everyone knows me thru her "stroller", weirdly enough. its cute though

Submitted by Rob & Tina of Just Below 63

1. Canada Goose jackets and Sorel boots are the hottest fashion

2. I can say things like "It's warmed up to -35"

3. It's the only place you can drive for 10 minutes before you tires warm up enough to feel like wheels instead of squares

4. Excuses such as " I'm drunk, I'm still drunk, I'm hungover" are acceptable reasons for not going to work

5. Most of my close friends are now people I blog with and have never met

Submitted by Lorraine of The Northern Chirp
1. I went from commuting 2500 km a month for work a year ago, to 10km a month now.

2. A bad traffic jam here is cars stacked five deep at the four-waystop at lunch.

3. The crazy taxi drivers have "shortcuts" to avoid those "bad traffic jams".

4. My community has a genuine superhero (PolarMan) devoted to good works.

5. When I went shopping for a valentines gift for my sweetheart, I could pick up a snowmobile, or walk two paces over for chocolates.

Submitted by Jude of Great Northern Adventures
1. I can wear both pants and a skirt at the same time and not be overheated.

2. It's usually too cold to snow, so I rarely have to shovel anything.

3. I don't like the heat, so for 10 months of the year, I am comfortable...others may be freezing...

4. I can drive out of town in 10 minutes or less and be in complete wilderness to watch the gorgeous aurora.

5. I can ZAP the cats just about anytime of day or night due to the absolute dryness of my apartment, and my woolen slippers, drawing large sparks from their noses to my finger.

Submitted by C'est Moi from Open Head Space (late entry)
1. Time. Time moves in a seasonal manner up here much the way it must have for our agrarian forefathers.

2. Northern lights – They just HAVE to be experienced to be understood. Once understood, their majesty will never fade from our memory!

3. Silence.

4. Space. Does the world get any bigger, and have you ever felt any smaller, than when you’ve walked alone on the tundra?

5. People - Would you see vacuum truck driver and a medical doctor break bread together down there? How about an illiterate elder lecturing a University Lecturer and the latter hanging on every work of the first?

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Congratulations Indigo for winning Best space suit! Tina an Rob are donating an amzing gift card! Congratulations also to Clare, that was a tight race, one that kept us all on our toes!

This post is short and sweet, as I am in Hawaii now and am going to go back to lounging on the beach! Don't forget to get your submissions in for your favourite reasons for living in the North!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Challenge: 5 Things you like best about living in the North

This next challenge is going to be an easy one. Think of your 5 favourite things that are unique to living in the North. Send in your lists (try not to write an essay) to nunavutnonsense AT gmail Dot com. Submissions will be posted on Monday Feb 11, so start jotting your thoughts down.

This challenge was thought up by Indigo and she is donating an Inukshuk carving for the prize. Don't miss out!

If you have any ideas for a challenge, don't hesitate to send them in.

A few of my Favourite Northern things:

1. When my dog comes inside, I don't have to wipe his paws because it's too cold for the snow to stick to them.

2. My husband only has a 1 min commute to work and can come home for lunch.

3. I am actually breathing clean air (not including when the poop truck comes)

4. Going grocery shopping is a social event, I always see a friendly face to chat with.

5. Rubber Boots are hot fashion in the North, and they are so comfortable.